Work Network | Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a platform that enables individuals to build and run their company, while growing their professional and business network.


Our Vision

From the very start, our goal is to build more than an end to end platform that helps you build & run your business. We want to create a community. A community you join to solve a problem/fulfill a need, but stay with to learn, connect and grow. A community that combines the previously separate elements of working and networking, of social and commerce, of online & offline, while using powerful, yet simple algorithms & technologies.

Work & Network Your Way

Our Location:

Conceptualized in Mumbai, Designed in Karnataka, Developed in Kiev, Launched in Bangalore

Our Investors

Naresh Wadhwa, Dr. Prakash Mody, Jayendra Shah & Arjun Puri

Our Team

Abhishek Rajamohan, Keziah Korah, Nishant Parashar, Vignesh Prasad & Vivan Puri

Our Values


We are WorkNetwork. We seek to hold ourselves to the highest standard and own all our actions, good & bad.


We want to strive to create the best version of our product, service and team with a goal to deliver the best possible experience to our members.


We want to build a platform upon which other companies can build & grow, while also helping individuals grow by learning from their peers.


We want to respect the data and privacy of our members.


We believe that diversity of ideas, experiences & backgrounds is essential & we will strive to create a community and team to reflect the same.


We want to be mindful of ourselves, our customers, the technology landscape & economic environment; using that awareness to drive decisions.